Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On the Move

We have been driving across country heading to Regina (we are here - hooray!) for the last two days, Winston is recovering nicely and is very eager to explore every inch of the car. Internet connections have been in our hotels only, and by that time I am exhausted! I big update and pictures are coming soon. :-)
A few things:
- Winston must feel just fine - he is very mobile - and has not slowed down at all! Keeping him contained while not driving has been an issue - I can't leave him for a second! While driving, he sleeps like an angel!! Scratch that, there was that time when I was driving that he jumped down by my feet...
- Just finished his last dose of prescribed medication (percocet completed Sunday morning, Valium Monday evening, and Gabapentin Tuesday morning) and is having normal pees and bowel movements. He will be on a low dose of Metacam for the next week or so.
- There are Mosquitoes here!!! We took Winkie out for potty this morning (snuck him out actually from this anti-pet hotel - can you imagine such a place ;-) and got eaten alive!!
Winkie report: Wondering why he has these itchy bumps all over him. (Do dogs itch like we do?)