Friday, August 28, 2009

Naughty Boy...

We are all a little tired today, Winston did not sleep right through the night - he loves to bury himself beneath all the blankets in bed and be up against me. In the middle of the night he woke up panting very heavily, so of course water is brought to him and he doesn't drink but eventually stops panting. We all drift back to sleep (Winkie minus blankets) only to have Winston get cold and crawl back under the covers waking me in the process. :-)

Today it was back to work and Winston was his old self (with wobbly legs) - he is certainly eager to do everything he has always done! I have to say he was very good for most of the day, sleeping in his spot under my desk until about 1pm. It was when I went for lunch that he didn't sit still for the girls... oh Winkie!

We have been following the medication schedule to a 't' - three times a day for his cocktail of pain relief. He is having great pees, nice steady streams and is having regular bowl movements (with the help of Valium) too. To get around Winston uses a harness and sling around his back legs to support them while walking. I am still getting the hang of putting them on... I somehow have the harness all twisted up, can't figure out how that happened. :-) He is able 'walk' around unassisted but I don't let him do this much at all, but it seems to be unavoidable - sometimes Winkie just can't be contained!

I took a little too long to feed him this afternoon, he was quite literally moaning at about 6 this evening for his food, which he ate so fast I thought for sure he was going to choke! Throughout all of this his appetite only failed him briefly - it is a trademark of his... scarfing down his food with such force and delight all at once, you have to wonder if he evens knows what it tastes like!

I have him on my lap right now where he is most content, however I am trying to get him to not be such a couch potato because that is where he jumps the most, up and down off of the sofa. Even tonight, he fought being on the floor for a good hour before he finally relented and begrudgingly laid down at my feet. But he wanted to jump, he was poised for hopping several times and I had to hold him back and correct him. I will 'invite' him up and lift him in place - I want to get him to the point to where he 'asks' to come up instead of helping himself. Habits take a long time to break... and he is determined to keep his throne, the floor is no place for Prince Winston - heaven forbid!

Overall, first day back has not been without its challenges and frustrations but those things are forgotten quickly - what makes me smile and will mark this day is what his legs lack in strength and speed, his little tail more than makes up for it. It hasn't stopped wagging it all day! :-)

Winkie report: Right where he should be.

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