Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thank you!

To everyone reading this and showing their care and concern for Winkie - Thank you. It is nice to know that you all care, :-) I know he loves you all too... even if you don't always have food for him!

I am overjoyed at the results - I went from being afraid and hopeless to relieved and elated at Winston's future. Things were a little uncertain for a while; contemplating life with a blind and paralyzed dog was interesting... I had even checked out doggy wheelchairs! More than anything I just want to give Winston a great life, he is such a great little friend to me that it is the least I can do for him, so I am very grateful for the doctors and vet techs who have made him better.

Update: Winston had a pee! Apparently this is an important event the recovery process. He is still not walking yet, but is really wanting too! I am hopeful that I will be picking him up on Thursday. The vet techs say he is in great spirits, wanting lots of attention and overall is a great patient!

Winston report: Recovering like a champ!


  1. WOOOOO! HOOOOOOOOO! Atta boy Winston!!!

    Jenice your incredibly beautiful heart shines through as you write about your dear pal Winkie.
    That and Winston's recovery are true inspirations.
    Much love
    Suz =) xo xo

  2. Such great news! Winston peeing on his own is a huge step and milestone! Congratulations on that. I have complete faith that he will be walking in no time. No need to rush it because the more rest he gets the more he will heal! Suggestion- when taking him out, get a pair of old panty hose, loop it under his back hips...holding the waist and feet in your hands and the knee area is underneath him. This will support his back like a sling while he relearns to walk all the while allowing him to slowly get his feel back for his feet. This was a great tool for us and Kirby! Again, I'm so happy for the progress of Winston! Praise the Lord!